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January 3rd, 2010 (01:46 pm)
f e e l i n g: happy
l i s t e n i n g t o: the submarines

candace jean is moving

I have been wanting to do this for a long time, but I can finally say that my journal is moving to a new home. I admit, there are some things about livejournal that I find I will miss, but at the same time I am so tired of it. I've been wanting my domain journal to be ready since I first set it up a long time ago.

It was a bit of a headache, making everything look right and function properly because it runs completely differently than any other html dashboard, and I'm sure I spent much longer holed up in the art room than necessary if only I knew what I was doing.. but I'm DONE!

From now on, please direct your links to my new journal *here*. It is simply: candacejean.com/journal. I've also updated the links on my website to re-direct to my journal's new home, and I didn't even break anything! I also am quite proud of the teeny, cute little favicon I added to my website and new journal. Can you see her on your tabs?

My new journal is also a bit more interactive, has many more links, features and a pretty rotating header, and you can even join my newsletter mailing list there. (Also something I've wanted to initiate for some time.)

Head over there to read about a new series and new piece that I finally finished, and tell me how you like the place!


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me, late? never.

December 21st, 2009 (09:06 pm)
f e e l i n g: tired
l i s t e n i n g t o: sigur ros

Sometimes when certain energies inside take charge for the time being, I can get cranky.
Cough cough.

I don't mean to be rotten. Public apologies to Austin, again. I'm sure my mini bouts of lost temper and pocket-sized fits of silently throwing stockings and stamping my way to the next room are just plain silly, but I do feel bad afterword. It never helps that the moodiness is coupled with the pressure of a deadline and time commitment. IE; "be to the extended family's house by 5:30 sharp".

Have all day long to prepare chocolate cake and pine-nut couscous for a dinner party? No problem.
Out the door (without forgetting anything) and completely ready by the time planned? Hah.

A lot of that frustration had to have come from wondering where the heck my day went and being a bit upset that I had not much in the way of productivity to show for it, and besides.. I wasn't even ready when I should have been, being given the whole day long to do so. Anyway. This all leads me to admitting here that yes, I did not ever post anything to the shop that I had planned on posting before it got to be the holidays. Me, late? Never. (<---- highly sarcastic.)

I had grand ideas all lined up in my brain and on a million stickies and scrap notes that fill my purse and art room. Did I finish any of them? No.. no I didn't.

Did I finish anything? Well, yes.. in a way.

I posted a few items to the shop over the weekend and.. ahem.. just now, that I have been meaning to do for some time. I took some mini-frames with prints inside to Beehive, all strung with ribbon, and found they did very well. So, I posted three to my shop; Charlie, Adele, and The Big Apple:

A Big Apple brooch (*swoon*) made it there as well, and so did a mysterious little 'eggsperiment'.
More oddities to come I'm sure. Someday.

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a monday evening

Before picking up Alden from school, Austin and I sneaked off to Toys R Us and grabbed some things for Alden for Christmas. I get so happy just imagining his excitement upon opening his gifts; I can't wait!

Once at home we got out the Christmas box from the garage and started to unpack everything. I really, really wanted a new tree this year; I felt that in a new, nice house my little, four foot 'shrub' of an artificial tree just wouldn't cut it. Sadly, the tree I had my heart set on was too expensive for now, and sold out before I could even muster a way to afford one. So, we set up the old, tiny tree on a side table.

Poor little tree.. it's tried so hard all of these years... I suppose it will be fine again for at least one more. After all, it is the tree Alden has grown up with.


While we put everything out I played Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker in the background.

I actually despise Christmas music (sorry to sound like a scrooge), but the score of The Nutcracker is so lovely, and while it's associated with the Holidays it isn't over-played or over-sung on the radio and in every last store starting Thanksgiving Day.

Did you know that Tchaikovsky didn't really want to write The Nutcracker at all? Though he accepted the commission from Ivan Vsevolozhsky, it was a daily chore for him to work on it and he actually really detested the score.

(I for one feel quite opposite about the outcome of the piece and am certainly glad he finished it.)

Well, our house now smells of pine and cinnamon and even mistletoe. It sparkles a bit with glitter, candles and white twinkle lights. The stockings are hung by our chimney with care and everything feels so cozy. Austin even turns the tree on if he beats us home; he knows seeing it as I pull in the driveway makes me happy.

I love this time of year.

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dream a little dream

December 10th, 2009 (09:40 pm)
f e e l i n g: calm
l i s t e n i n g t o: regina spektor

I've been daydreaming a lot lately. Too much, probably.. I've got a ton of work to do and I can't really focus.

I've been trying to figure out what to get Alden for Christmas.
He was telling everyone that he was getting a Nintendo DS. Pfft. Not if I can help it.

"Alden," I said, "A DS costs too much money."
And he, in his know-it-all tone responds:
"Mom, the elves make them."

SO, I went about telling him the truth in a non-direct sort of way; how they still cost money to make and he's a little young for a DS, etc etc.

In this daydreaming about what to do for Christmas (yes yes, late late late), I've been daydreaming about things I wish I could get, too.

Sadly, and so very girlie cliche of me, I wish I could get clothes. Lots of pretty, nice new clothes.

This lovely little cranberry dress from Anthropologie would do the trick:

And I'm adoring these cruelty-free Elegan heels from Vegan Chic:

I also wouldn't mind sitting around (in my cranberry dress and vegan shoes) on a bright day and doodling with a pack of smencils (which I discovered at *this* perfectly cute, eco-friendly kid's art supply site).

On that bight day, after doodling with cherry and spearmint smencils (in my new outfit), I would get surprised by the vintage-looking images my new little Holga produced.

I'd end the day with a cup of April's tea and leafing through John James' incredible imagery compiled in one edition or another of a very large, hardback copy.
Preferably used, and aged.. with that lovely "old book" smell.

Sounds perfect to me. If I were rich I'd buy the whole lot. But alas, I am not.. and will save daydreams for another day.
When there is extra time to add more things to the list.
Like... well I won't start. ;)

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another holiday card

December 8th, 2009 (10:45 pm)
f e e l i n g: sleepy
l i s t e n i n g t o: vedera

I've had this little girl done for a while now, but haven't made time to share her with you yet:

I really like her; especially her eyes. She's my second attempt at digitally painting one of my girls. (Little red hat was my first.)

I know there is "a thing" with people putting antlers on their illustrated characters (everybody is doing it), and I've also wanted to do this for some time (I'm just constantly late in the game). I figured too tying the idea in with the holidays and hanging some ornaments would be a good idea. I'm sure I'll be back with more antlered beauties in the future; mixing animal and human traits has always interested me.

Single cards are currently being sold in both of my shops (with a juniper berry shimmer embossed envelope) now until Christmas.


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eraser knows all

December 7th, 2009 (08:51 pm)
f e e l i n g: optimistic
l i s t e n i n g t o: cat power

My friend Heather gave me this eraser years ago because she knew it suited me. I have yet to use it to erase anything.. I don't want it to go away.
Eraser knows my catch phrase.
Eraser sums up perfectly how the last few weeks around here have been.

I was so busy I didn't ever even get to say how excited I was that I was invited to be a part of Patina (thank you Nichole and Justin for having me!) or back to vend again with The Beehive Bazaar. I've been super busy trying to prepare product for both venues while at the same time trying to make time to hang out with Austin (I've been more of a hermit lately), take care of my Alden (who unfortunately got sick again!), and look after the creatures and house after long days at work. *WHEW*.

Now that both shows are over (and-- my fault-- my participation went unannounced, gah) I'm trying to refresh my inventory with some new things, and have many items stashed away in the depths of my art room just waiting for me to pull them out and finish them up. I have so many ideas I'm excited for! (I say that often, and funny: hardly get around to making them happen.)

A few of the projects I couldn't wait to make was a new batch of hair pins (all sold out; thank you!):

And some lovely little brooches (I loved each and every last one):

Again, I thank everyone for their support and help while I worked on these shows, and of course for everything people I've never even met did that made the shows successful for me.

Before I prepare to get ready for whatever show comes next, I'll let you in on a few of those 'stashed away' creations that soon will be brought from hiding and finished (so says I!):

- Garnet and Snowdrop and a dark-eyed beauty

- Wooden egg originals and tiny satin boxes

- Secret admirer notes from curious messengers

- 1956 classics with 500+ pages of buried surprises

- An infamous jar represented in box form with a tiny bit of hope at the bottom

- A highly anticipated dinner-date on a perfect, firefly filled night

Ah anticipation! I should wager against myself how much I can get done before the new year.
Be sure to come back and check on me!

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Christmas Cards

I can't believe how fast time is flying. Before I know it I'll be scrambling to set up for my next show at the The Beehive Bazaar!

Well, I won't say how far past my goal date I went to finally get these cards completed, but now that I have a few pictures I'm a little happier about I thought I would share them with you.

"The Nutcracker Suite"

...a set of holiday cards...

My favorite one is Clara and the Prince. I also like how the Snowflakes came together, and I do like the Mouse King in his little mouse hat.

I've added sets to both my Etsy and BigCartel shops. I plan to also have some at Patina, an adorable little venue I've completely failed to mention, and some at the Beehive Bazaar as well. I hope people out there are late like I am and haven't yet bought Christmas cards!

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sneak peek

November 13th, 2009 (10:33 pm)
i a m: at home in the art room
f e e l i n g: accomplished
l i s t e n i n g t o: owl city

Happy Friday the 13th!

I couldn't help myself, and for the fear of my brains exploding took a personal day. I didn't go to work, I shut myself in my room with the bright sunlight coming in and I was productive. It felt SO nice to have the only noise here be exactly the music I wanted to listen to. A lively mix that is happy, and as soft background sounds it inspired my creativity.

With zero interruptions I drew and colored, colored and drew, and I got one little guy all the way finished up. He's part of the Christmas cards I mentioned on Wednesday that I am so excited about. I'm anxious about getting the rest of the set completed ASAP-- not only because I've been wanting to tackle this idea for months now, but because I'm terribly behind! Everyone else had their Christmas stuff out weeks ago. Sigh.

Well, here is a squeak-- err-- sneak peek:

Come back soon for more!

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Eleven Eleven and an announcement

November 11th, 2009 (11:16 pm)
f e e l i n g: chipper

A Happy 11-11 to everyone that knows what I'm talking about, and for the rest of you.. perhaps you should know that I have a "curse" that I've learned to just-- well, embrace, I guess you could say.


I've been tired lately, an early-onset of the cold, dark weather 'sighs'. But today was a better day.

I remember years ago driving with my grandparents through a canyon, when my grandma suddenly screamed "LES! I saw an acorn! PULL OVER!"

How she saw one little acorn on that forest floor with us bouncing down that windy, dusty road the way we were, I will never know.. but she hopped out of the truck and ran back to get it. She came back with a couple of acorns, a small twig, and an ear-to-ear grin. My grandpa let her bring home the mountain findings and she planted them.

I think it was right then that I grew my love for little mountain scrub-oak.

My dad knows I've been wanting some for my yard, but couldn't afford the potted ones found only at expensive landscape suppliers. I think he was really pleased to call me at work with the following news:

He was on an east-side job and found a little baby scrub oak sapling that, in the midst of some serious excavating and construction, was uprooted. He told me he buried the root again off to the side in order to keep it moist and help avoid shock, so once I left work Alden and I drove up to rescue it. Cute tiny little thing... hardly a foot tall. Apparently it lost its last autumn leaf during the upheaval; its last bit of true 'scrub-oak identity'.

I put it in a pot and plan to let it winter over in the garage. I hope it survives and comes back in the spring.

Alden and I then went to the store for a few things, where we ended up in checkout lane 11, purchased eleven things, and the cashier even let Alden help her "scan the stripes". I love Harmons.

And as far as that announcement my entry title advertised... I have Christmas card sets on the way! I am so far behind, but I am eagerly trying to finish these up and have them available soon. I am so excited about the idea behind them too, and really can't wait to see them done. Please stay tuned!

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November 9th, 2009 (08:29 pm)
f e e l i n g: lethargic
l i s t e n i n g t o: iron & wine

I've thought about this before.. but.. I truly am outnumbered in my own house.

My son and boyfriend? Boys. Of course.








Yup. He's a boy, too.

And Winston? Furbottom the Third?

Boy boy boy.

Literally every living creature in here besides myself is male. Minus the plants.

I'm feeling like I need a little more estrogen in this place.
I adore all my boys, but I think I wouldn't mind being "mothered" for a change, for a few days anyway.

PS.. Can I ask when the vacation is? I feel like I've been at the office for too many days straight. I'd love to go see someplace warm and green. I haven't done that in a long time.

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